About The Winning Run

The Winning Run is an extension of our passion for the only real game (Ruth’s words, our sentiment).  There is a land of plenty between the foul lines, in our seats, and in the passion for the game that so many people possess.  These are the views portrayed by a few partial to our opinions, an on occasion a fun fact.  Enjoy the game, because The Winning Run is on deck.

The Winning Run at a Pirates game after a long road trip to get there.(The Winning Run)

Jesse, Derek, and John at a Pirates game after a long road trip to get there. (The Winning Run)


I am the Co-Founder and Lead Writer for The Winning Run. I love the history of baseball, the statistics (the Moneyball approach), random trivia, and seeing small ball played to perfection. Reading books on baseball, listening to baseball podcast help me pass the day at work, afternoons playing baseball, evenings listening, watching, or umpiring games are how I get my daily diet of baseball. I dabble with throwing a knuckle ball and continue in my quest to see a baseball game in every Major League stadium.


I am the Co-Founder, point man on the social media aspect, math guy, and a contributing writer for The Winning Run.  I enjoy the game of baseball in its many incarnations.  In the order of enjoyment, I’d go live, radio, TV, highlight reel.  I am fortunate enough to travel for work in an area where I  am usually able to catch several minor league games through out the year.  I was present at Matt Cain’s perfect game in San Francisco.  I have the ticket to prove it.


I am the third wheel to bullpen car (look it up) that is The Winning Run. I’ve tagged along and shared much time and conversation with the founders that I’ve been promoted to the bigs. I watch as much baseball as possible and read all I can during the season and the off season. I tend to be a Yankees fan on most occasions but love the game more than anything else. My claim to fame is being at the final game of Old Yankee Stadium with The Winning Run.

Bernie makes four. (The Winning Run)

Bernie and his beloved Yankees. (The Winning Run)


I’m the prodigal son this blog never knew it fathered. Baseball is my romcom of drama, analysis, and daily gossip once again. I’ve been a Yankees fan from the start of this affair but I love watching small ball with squeeze plays and think the designated hitter is superfluous. Since meeting Derek while trying to learn how to save the world and realizing how messed up it can be, I’d like pretend baseball is my world and live there.


I’m the forgotten stepchild of the blog. Partly because I love baseball so much, I thought I’d bring it to the world only to find out they call it “cricket” and play with it with funny bats and accents. I add a third Yankees fan to the blog, and take every opportunity to remind the founders of their superiority over the Braves. I have no patience for small ball and want to see dingers, taters, and mashes.



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