A Global Reach for a Global Game

Baseball is a global game so it makes sense for The Winning Run to have a global reach, sort of. Kevin has officially joined us as the head of our international bureau. He is currently living in the baseball hot bed of New Zealand. Kevin has long debated baseball with Bernie and myself dating back to graduate school, and now with Jesse and John. We collectively agree on only one thing, the Mets are always good for a laugh.

Bernie, Derek, and Kevin in Pittsburgh last year watching the Pirates play the Mets and the Diamondbacks. (The Winning Run/ DJ)

Here is how Kevin describes himself:

“I’m the forgotten stepchild of the blog. Partly because I love baseball so much, I thought I’d bring it to the world only to find out they call it “cricket” and play with it with funny bats and accents. I add a third Yankees fan to the blog, and take every opportunity to remind the founders of their superiority over the Braves. I have no patience for small ball and want to see dingers, taters, and mashes.”

Welcome to The Winning Run Kevin. Play ball!   


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