4 Years Old, Time for T-Ball

The Winning Run is now four years old, time to sign up for T-Ball. We say this every year, but it remains true, 2015 was the best year we have had following baseball and writing about our experiences and opinions. It truly is a labor of love. The Winning Run started from a simple conversation between brothers about their mutual love of baseball and the desire to know more about the game. After four years, we have grown to a four person team, each bringing their own perspective on the game. Our collective understanding of baseball and ability to communicate what we learned has improved over time. While baseball, and understanding everything surrounding the game, can become serious, we have made it a point to always remember baseball is a game and should be fun.

Nothing wrong with a high leg kick in T-Ball(www.brightonco.gov)

The Winning Run has continued to grow every year. From adding staff to doing bigger and better research to seeing and experiencing the game like never before. We cannot thank everyone enough for taking time to read what we have written and engaging us in discussion and debate. The discussions, both agreeing and disagreeing, are proof that baseball is a simple yet complicated game. We are looking forward to a great 2016 season. Let’s play ball.

DJ, JJ, JB, and BL


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