New Year, New Team

Happy New Year!  As we begin 2016, it seems like a good time to look at the six divisions in Major League Baseball and examine what teams have done this offseason and what other teams still need to do.  Over the next week we will look at the top two moves within each division and what the other teams in the division need to do in order to position themselves for long-term success.


Mr. Met is excited for the 2016 season, even if it is cold outside. (

We will start out west and give the National League the nod as the elder statesman.  We will move towards the east, alternating between the National and American League.  There have been plenty of moves this offseason, all of which can have a big impact on the 2016 season.  However, we will focus on the moves that will have a lasting impact.  We also understand that turning teams at the bottom of the standings into playoff teams is not as simple as making a few moves.  We hope our review of each team, division by division, provokes some debate and discussion.

Happy New Year!  Let the countdown to the start of the 2016 baseball season begin.

BL and DJ


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