Four Man Rotation 

At the All Star game, Commissioner Rob Manfred discussed Major League Baseball expanding in the future.  Well we at The Winning Run thought we would go ahead with that idea and expand.  Bernie has joined our team and will be a great addition as he brings along his own perspective and love for baseball.  Bernie will be working as a contributing writer and editor (click here for his first article).

Bernie makes four. (The Winning Run)

Bernie makes four. (The Winning Run)

Please read his full biography below:

I’m the prodigal son this blog never knew it fathered. Baseball is my romcom of drama, analysis, and daily gossip once again. I’ve been a Yankees fan from the start of this affair but I love watching small ball with squeeze plays and think the designated hitter is superfluous. Since meeting Derek while trying to learn how to save the world and realizing how messed up it can be, I’d like pretend baseball is my world and live there.

Welcome to The Winning Run Bernie. Play ball.


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