A Humble Offering

April 15th is Jackie Robinson Day throughout Major League Baseball.  Every player will wear #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson, who broke baseballs’ color barrier on April 15, 1947.  Robinson has forever changed the game of baseball and America though his courage to stand against the racism and intolerance that existed in America.

There is a rich history of African-Americans playing baseball both in the Major Leagues and in the Negro Leagues.  In the week leading up to Jackie Robinson Day, The Winning Run will take a look at the history of African-American baseball both past and present.  Our efforts this week are in no way intended to be a complete history.  Instead, it is a look at some of the important people, groups, and organizations which have helped to shape the African-American experience in both baseball and America.

Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers (www.bet.com)

Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers (www.bet.com)

Our efforts this week are our modest attempt to honor those who paved the way for Jackie Robinson, Jackie Robinson himself, and those who have come after to carry on the work.  This is our humble offering to those who opened America’s pastime to all Americans, and to break down the wall of racism, ignorance, and intolerance both past and present.

D, J, B

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