The Anticipation

Pitchers and catchers have now reported to Spring Training for every Major League team.  Arguably it is one of the least exciting moments in baseball, because unless you are at Spring Training you do not see anything change.  However, the magic of pitchers and catchers reporting is the anticipation of what will and could happen during the upcoming season.  Much in the same way the anticipation builds when a runner is in scoring position late in a tight game; the off-season has given the pitcher the sign.  Pitchers and catchers reporting is the moment when the pitcher comes set, but before coming to the plate.  At that moment, there is a litany of possibilities.  The rest of the team reporting to Spring Training is the pitcher holding the ball and more tension building.  Everyone waits for the pitcher to come to the plate.  However, there are a few more weeks before the first Spring Training games begin and the pitcher comes to the plate.  The pitch seems to last an instant and an eternity all at the same time.  The regular season is that split second and eternity when the ball is hurtling towards home and the batter swings.  Fastball! NO, changeup!  The batter adjusts and swings.  Fans and players alike do not know what will happens when the ball gets to the plate.  Collectively, we all hold our breath and pray our team was able to make the necessary adjustments and come October send that pitch deep into the night.

Truly a beautiful sight. (

Truly a beautiful sight. (


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