Down AND Out?

Have you been sued by Alex Rodriguez yet? No? Just wait, he is getting to you.

While this is funny to say, it is also extremely said, as we all watch Alex Rodriguez and his legacy crumb into ashes. You can say he is a cheat who deserves what he is getting, or you could say he is being singled out by Major League Baseball while there are countless other players who are or were using during the times ARod has both admitted and been accused of using PEDs. Regardless which camp you fall in, it should not escape anyone that everything this man has worked his entire life for is vanishing before his eyes. Yes he still has the $353 million he has earned on the field, not to mention all the endorsement deals and investments he has made away from the diamond. However, all this man knows and loves is baseball. When all this is done and he is retired from playing, do you expect any team to approach him and offer him a job within their organization. He is more likely to set up a booth next to Pete Rose at a trade show signing autographs than he is to be working within baseball in any capacity.

How we wished we remembered Pete Rose

How we wished we remembered Pete Rose

I would not wish the purgatory that Alex Rodriguez is going through and will go through, even if his suspension is lifted, on anyone. He will be out of baseball, either through a ban or through simply not being hired back, like Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, or Shoeless Joe Jackson. I do not see this saga ending well for ARod regardless of the out come of his lawsuits against anything that moves. I see him being out of the game he loves and away from the spotlight he has enjoyed for so long.

Beyond the confession of the PEDs he used while he was playing in Texas, I do believe Rodriguez did, at the very least look to gain an advantage at holding off the impact of playing professional baseball since he was 18 for just a little longer. I see him fighting a losing battle, and I believe he is guilty simply because the other players took the penalty without fighting back. Yes he has more resources than they do, but they did not even take their case to arbitration. If they were innocent, then the players would at least have a punchers chance of being cleared. Since none of them fought back to clear their names, it tells me they are guilty. Also based on this I find it hard that after nailing everyone else for their transgressions, Major League Baseball decided to add Alex Rodriguez in just to get him out of the game. I just cannot believe baseball and the people who run it, would be daft enough to threaten their biggest PED bust just to settle a score.

The last days of his house of cards?

The last days of his house of cards?

Is Rodriguez alone, unfortunately no. He is not the only player to seek to gain an unfair advantage. However, he should pay the price, even if not all the players who are guilty are not found out and punished. If it is wrong or against the rules, then it is wrong. The entire saga with ARod is a sad episode for Major League Baseball. For everyone who loves baseball they cannot wait until this unfortunate episode has passed. Hopefully Alex Rodriguez will be the final chapter in the steroid era in baseball and the the greatest sport can return to focusing on the game and not those who try to cheat it.


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