Class of 2014

The Baseball Hall of Fame has three deserving incoming members in its class o f 2014. Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas all distinguished themselves as elite players throughout their careers and induction into Cooperstown is a deserved reward. While there is some discussion about Craig Biggio and Jack Morris not getting and the debate over if players suspected of using steroids should be elected, Maddux, Glavine, and Thomas were clear cut Hall of Famers. To understand this, you need to only look at three statistics for each player.

Greg Maddux

999 career walks

4 straight Cy Young Awards (1992-1995)

18 Gold Glove Awards, including 13 straight (1990-2002)


Tom Glavine

305 wins, fourth most among left handed pitchers

5 20+ win seasons

17 seasons of 30+ starts 


Frank Thomas

7 seasons of 30+ home runs, 100+ RBI, and .300+ BA

10 seasons of 100+ walks

80 errors in 15 seasons playing first base 

Maddux dominated, not through power but through control and out thinking the opposing hitter. Glavine remained healthy and was able to take the mound with such consistence that it saved the bull pen. Thomas could hit and hit for power, but he was also willing to take the free base when the opposing pitcher wanted to give it to him. All three of these men deserve to be in Cooperstown and they will go in without controversy, which is good for baseball. 


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