Keeping Your Head on Straight

The announcement of Joe TorreTony LaRussa, and Bobby Cox on the ballot for election to Cooperstown this coming summer begins the final chapter in three incredible baseball lives. Torre, LaRussa, and Cox combined to manage 91 years, 13,934 games, win 7,558 games, a combined .542 winning percentage, 8 World Series Championships, 17 league pennants, 1,195 games over .500, numerous Hall of Fame caliber players, and be ejected from 314 games.

The newest managers in Major League Baseball can learn plenty from Torre, LaRussa, and Cox. Matt Williams of the Washington Nationals, Brad Ausmus of the Detroit Tigers, Rick Renteria of the Chicago Cubs, and Bryan Price with the Cincinnatti Reds are all first time Major League managers. Ryne Sandberg is entering his first full season as the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies. Lloyd McClendon is returning to the bench with the Seattle Mariners.

The first and most entertaining lesson these new managers must learn is the art of being ejected. Torre, LaRussa, and Cox (the all time leader in ejections) were masters of taking an early shower. Among their contemporaries, these young managers would be smart to take lessons from Ron Gardenhire of the Minnesota Twins, as he is the active leader in career ejections as a manager with 67.

I have put together a short training video collection for your enjoyment and their education. Enjoy.

Bobby Cox showing how the master does it. Getting ejected from a World Series game.

Joe Torre takes a calmer approach to his art.

Tony LaRussa showing the fire that lead to so many wins.

Ron Gardenhire shows how the current leader has gained his title.

Lloyd McClendon may just need to refresh his skills.

The legendary crawl by Phil Wellman

Gary Robinson interacts with the fans.

I am sure we will have more training videos to show to the newest managers in Major League Baseball this time next year. So long as there is baseball there will be umpires ejecting managers.




  1. DingerDude

    These posts are just the thing to fill the long, dark months between the world series and spring training. Thanks for the links, and keep the posts coming.

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