That Has To Be A Typo!

The road to the College World Series in Omaha is always exciting, but there is one game thus far which has stood out from the rest.  The game between the TCU Horned Frogs and the Dayton Flyers on June 1st is without a doubt the craziest game of the tournament.  I was watching South Carolina beat Clemson with a friend when I saw the final score of the TCU vs Dayton game at the bottom of the tv screen. I thought ESPN had made an error because it said TCU won 28-12.  I looked up the game later, and to my shock the score was right.

Unfortunately I didn’t see the game but looking at the box score you can see how crazy the game was.  No runs were scored in the first inning. At the end of the 5th inning Dayton was winning 9-6. However, in the next four innings TCU exploded. In the sixth inning they scored 7 runs, seventh inning they scored 6 runs, they did not score in the eighth inning, and finished the game off with 9 runs in the ninth. Dayton was only able to respond with 3 runs in the bottom of the ninth.  The only half-inning in which either team scored only 1 run was Dayton in the bottom of the fourth, every other frame saw either no runs scored or multiple runs scored.

Now let’s look at the individual team box scores.  TCU sent 49 batters to the plate and collected 23 hits, which oddly enough is the same number of rbi’s for the team.  They walked 4 times and only struck out twice.  Every starter got at least 1 hit and scored at least 2 runs. The Horned Frogs managed to only leave 6 men on base during the game.

The Flyers sent 37 batters to the plate, collecting 11 hits, 10 rbi’s, walked 6 times, and struck out 6 times.  Two Flyers managed to go hitless, the 3rd and 4th hitters, Bobby Glover and CJ Gillman. No player had more than 2 hits or 2 runs scored for Dayton. Jared Broughton went 2 for 3, with 2 hits, 4 runs scored, 4 rbi’s, and a walk.

In terms of pitching TCU used five pitchers, none going more than 3 2/3 innings, but all of them going at least 1 inning. Two of these pitchers, Justin Scharf, the eventual winning pitcher, and Nick Frey did not allow any runs to score.  TCU threw 154 pitches, 95 for strikes, and only 6 strikeouts.  Scharf curiously enough threw the fewest pitches for TCU but still earned the win.

Dayton used 7 pitchers during the game.  Two of the pitchers, Parker Schrage and Matthew Miller did not record an out, although Schrage did not throw a pitch due to being pulled for a better batter matchup.  Overall, Dayton threw 225 pitches, 128 for strikes with only 2 strikeouts.  The losing pitcher, Burny Mitchem only pitched 1 inning but managed to give up 7 runs, 4 of which were earned.  It never helps to walk one batter and hit two other batters.

Just because it is the post season does not mean that college baseball will be nothing but close scoring games.  While not every game will be as crazy as the TCU vs Dayton game, the game was a reminder of how unpredictable the game of baseball can be. Onto the Super-Regionals and then to Omaha!


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