Bets You Should Have Made

The baseball season is already a quarter of the way done.  There have been some things that have surprised us and things that have not.  First, the things that have not been a surprised:

  • The Rangers are dominating the AL West.
  • The Twins are terrible.
  • Ryan Braun getting booed during every road game.
  • Adam Dunn is the clear favorite to lead MLB in strikeouts.
  • The Cubs are already looking towards next year as the year.
  • Jamie Moyer sets some sort of record every time he pitches.
  • Bud Selig is trying to change baseball to make a little more money even though the system works perfectly fine. 5 playoff team? Waiting for the playoffs to be like the NBA and NHL where half the teams get in.
  • Roger Clemens won’t go away.

Now for the surprises:

  • The Yankees and Red Sox are at the bottom of the AL East. Not a complete shock for the Red Sox but definitely the Yankees.
  • The Orioles leading the AL East.
  • The Angels and Albert Pujols have struggled from the beginning.
  • Carlos Ruiz having a break out year for the last place Phillies.
  • Derek Lowe’s resurgence for the Indians. Trailing only Justin Verlander by 0.01 (Verlander 2.14, Lowe 2.15) for the AL lead in ERA.
  • Josh Hamiliton hitting as many homeruns in a single game as Albert Pujols has all season.
  • The Mariners have just as many wins as the Tigers and more wins than the Angels.
  • The Nationals are leading the NL East by 0.5 games despite Jayson Werth being gone for the next couple of months, Bryce Harper learning a tough physics less after hitting himself in the face with his bat, and Brad Lidge being on the DL.

There is still plenty of baseball to be played.  Plenty can change between now and the All-Star Break, much less the end of the season.  What will happen remains a mystery, no one know.  Your guess is as good as mine.


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