So as I looked for a topic for my first entry I was blindsided by one when I least expected. Lets get some background on my baseball history. I grew up in north New Jersey and have been a New York Yankees fan since I remember. My friends and family were also mostly Yankee fans since you were either a Yankee fan or were dropped on your head very early and became a Mets fan because of the pretty colors. Now I also do not believe in many things I cannot see, so believing in superstitions seems odd. As luck would have it I moved to Atlanta at a time the hometown Braves were on a roll and winning championships. So my first real foray into my Yankees superstition came in the fall of ‘96 when I watched the first two games of the World Series and witnessed the Yankees fall behind and couldn’t bear to watch the next four games as the Yankees came back to take the series. It would be tough the next fifteen years trying to watch certain games without causing losses due to my viewing.

This past weekend was a good series in Boston. The hometown team celebrated their stadiums one hundredth birthday and were hosting the beloved Yankees. As I watched the second game in horror, the Yankees gave up nine runs five innings; I was saved by the television networks. It seems a pitcher from the White Sox had a perfect game going into the eighth. So I watched in suspense as he retired the bottom of the eighth and worried if my watching my ruin his chance as has happened two or three times after I switch the channel. I watched as Philip Humber completed the twenty-first perfect game in Major League history and when I switched back I was amazed at the score of the first game. My Yankees started a comeback while I watched the other game. So of course I changed the channel and started to pace. I explained to my girls what I was doing by switching the game back just to get a score and back to whatever I had on. I was able to explain superstition to the point that if I left the game on too long I got screams and cries. Surprisingly the Yankees came back with fifteen runs and shocked the Red Sox. As I jumped and screamed with the girls and laughed at how unbelievable it was, I looked back and wondered if my superstition could be real, could I be empowering the Yanks with my lack of viewership or am I missing some of the greatest games due to my paranoia. All in all it reminds me of how amazing the game of baseball is no matter who you root for (except the Mets, those fans are sad) and how a regular season day of baseball can turn into a day for the history books.



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