Strange Things are Happening

Looking at the standings after the first weekend of the baseball season you will see some things that you expect to see. The Detroit Tigers leading the AL Central after sweeping the Boston Red Sox at home. The Arizona Diamondbacks leading the NL West after sweeping the San Francisco Giants at home.

However, there are some things that many people did not expect to see. Who would have guessed the New York Mets would have swept the Atlanta Braves and would be all alone at the top of the NL East. The Houston Astros taking two out of three from the Colorado Rockies or more surprisingly the Pittsburgh Pirates taking two out of three from the Philadelphia Phillies. The Seattle Mariners leading the AL West. Probably most surprising is the Baltimore Orioles are sharing the lead in the AL East.

Is it still early? Yes. Is it too early to really know what teams are going to do this year? Probably. Yet after this first weekend of the 2012 Major League Baseball season there are several teams that came into the season without much hope of playing into October and November that have gained a measure of confidence from their early returns. Should you bet on the Orioles or Mets to win their divisions? No, but baseball is back and stranger things have happened.


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